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Code of Ethics

Pandora’s Collective Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
for Event Volunteers and Participants

Pandora’s Collective requires all volunteers and others associated with our events to abide by this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

All individuals involved in any aspect of Pandora’s Collective events must commit to the following principles of behavior:

* To be an ambassador of this event. To be as helpful as possible and to foster a positive attitude and experience for all.

* To facilitate open and honest communication.

* To speak with tact, manners and discretion, with a choice of language that is appropriate to a public event, and put the needs of the event above personal opinions or philosophies.

* To discuss personal writing projects only within a professional boundary, not excessively selling personal products, projects, or services.

* To arrive prepared for the event and in a timely manner, and report to appropriate location as required.

Pandora’s Collective promotes a collegial, welcoming environment at year-round events for attendees, presenters, volunteers and staff alike. Harassment and other behavior at odds with this environment will not be tolerated.

Any volunteers or participants not adhering to the above policy can be asked to cease participation in any or all Pandora’s Collective events at the discretion of the organization’s Executive Director or Board of Directors.