2014 - Contest Winner

Congratulations to the 2014  Pandora’s Collective Poetry Contest winners!



1st place - Publication and $100.00: 
Letters - Jordan Mounteer (Winlaw, BC)
What the Judges Say:  This sophisticated piece of writing employs all the techniques one would expect of a winning poem -- clear visual images the glory of the sounds one can create with the English language, the way the final lines, their reference to phantom limbs, bounces the reader back to the contents of the rest of the poem. Admirable!

2nd place - Publication and $50.00: 
A Quiet Coming of Light -  Jude Neale (Bowen Island, BC)
What the Judges Say: Simplicity of language and a rhythmic stanza construction serves well in this unobvious psalm to enduring love: "I wore you like perfume / under the moon"

3rd place - Publication: 
Fireproof - Alan Hill (New Westminster, BC)
What the Judges Say: This narrative poem captures the thrill of secret adventures in childhood, while at the same representing the nostalgic pang of memory intruding, pointing a finger of recognition. 

Honorable Mentions

Sunbeams at full-tilt - Kevin Spenst (Vancouver, BC)
What the Judges Say: Truly a Vancouver poem -- condo wrapped in plastic, as if it's a circus tent where life, though perhaps with difficulty endures.

The Lake Bent Like Glass - Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC)
What the Judges Say: This poem leaves me breathless, horrified with the specifics it conveys in such subtle words. 

Untitled [Something about the light] -Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC)
What the Judges Say: Recounts the often magical-feeling of observing the city after a snowfall, where "Yours are the first prints to change the snow".

Cambie St. - Jordon Mounteer (Winlaw, BC)
What the Judges Say: Beautiful -- both for capturing setting and for language used -- many lines carry their own mystery, deserve quoting, e.g., "like wooden bowls weighing their fullnesses".


1st place - Publication and $75.00: 
The Place - Alexa Turner (Maple Ridge, BC)
What the Judges Say: This poem employs the use of colours as its unifying image. The work also is built on a structure, turns at its midpoint, before it moves on to the conclusion.

 2nd place - Publication and $35.00: 
Nothing hits darkness harder than darkness - Allegra Calabrigo (Richmond, BC) 
Many powerful images in this hard-hitting poem: "pulled your skin open like a zipper". The piece serves to remind us that life can be hurtful and challenging to a young person. Yet despite the difficulties recounted, its final soaring image suggests hope.

3rd place - Publication: 
Broken Closeness - Eva Rodrigues (Winnipeg, MB)
Good use of form/stanza, complete with third stanza serving as the "center" (of attention). Rings true with the voice and concerns of a teen. 

Honorable Mentions:

I am one with the earth - Allegra Calabrigo (Richmond, BC) 
What the Judges Say: Although the decision to rhyme occasionally forces the poet to use predictable words, the personification of self with Earth is embodied in the powerful, crow-like line: "I am the Mighty Earth!"

Eyes - Poppy Welsh (Maple Ridge, BC)
What the Judges Say: The side by side format, where ideas mirror/converse with each other enhances the effectiveness of the poem's message. 

Upside-down world - Eleanor Maplethorp  (Maple Ridge, BC)
What the Judges Say: Again, structure is employed effectively, with final last line of each stanza repeated for effect, altered just enough to make the conclusion resonate. More than many other poems, this one felt fresh and original.


1st place - Publication and $40.00:
No First Place winner announced 

2nd place - Publication and $20.00: Tied
Havoc - Azlen Elza (Vancouver, BC)
From the Judges: Clear visual imagery establishes the scene, interesting contrasts and repetitive word-play pull the work towards its desolate conclusion. 

2nd place - Publication and $20.00: Tied
Wielded Blood - Melanie Sookhoo (Brampton, Ont.)
What the Judges Say: Many fresh combinations of words/sounds and stark imagery 'They would burst into flowers/in a bountiful  war of/replacement'..."A splendid rush of / recognition."

3rd place – Publication
Alphabet Poem - Noelle Yau (Vancouver, BC)
What the Judges Say: Intricately playful as it steps its way through all 26 letters of the alphabet from August to Zebra.

Honorable Mentions:

Glimpses - Azlen Elza ( Vancouver, BC) 
What the Judges Say: As the title suggests, this offers fresh glimpses into the beauty and grandeur of trees. 

Fiery Dragons - Meg Warhurst (Lillooet, BC) 
What the Judges Say: Visually told story that imparts a worthy moral amid an oddly austere landscape of dread and magic. 

My beautiful garden - Piper Warhurst (Lillooet, BC)
What the Judges Say: Old-fashioned vocabulary and word use suggest an easier time, one where sharing played a bigger role.

Heidi Greco and Dennis E. Bolen