Children's Category - 3rd Place Winner

Alphabet Poem

August 13, 2003 when I was
Born, the animals were so overjoyed they
Caught the star blasters to the Waxing Gibbous Moon
Dinosaurs roared because they were hungry
Eating all the trees so they could see
Funky frogs hopped from their lily pads
Going to the party
Hippos blew bubbles freezing
Ice water inside crystal cubes
Jaguars fought over food
Knitting their bodies together
Lions pranced to the river to wash their
Manes with silvery fish
Newts camouflaged themselves on the leaves
Only their black eyes showing
Penguins walked like sticks
Queuing up for the penguin show
Ravens flew around bombing and
Scouting for people's heads
Tigers surrounded their dens
Using their claws to collect wood
Vultures flew across the
World and over the Canadian flag
Xylophones dinged
Yawning the notes as 
Zebras banged around in the rain 

~ by Noelle Yau