Teen Category - 2nd Place Winner

Nothing hits darkness harder than darkness 

Nothing hits darkness harder than darkness 
It pounds like your feet against the ground and it watches as you run until your
lungs give up and burn into oblivion.
You sucked in darkness through baby's bottles, then juice boxes, then shooters.
Swallowing the sticky poison, sticky poison like the hands that had no ears attached,
no ears to hear the word no.
Hands with sweat like glue, that sewed themselves to your seams until the fabric
had worn through, then tossed you out like a rag after spring cleaning.
Your body becomes a palace with guards who are always late, always asleep, or
always pre-occupied. Your mind a fortress on the losing side of war.
Arrows claw at membranes that thump with the words that were once branded in
your brain with a cattle prod of hate.
"you're nothing."
Your mind is a 7th grade tug o war and you were one of the scrawny kids.
You were one of the kids being tugged along, each pull another notch on your
forearm to prove you were there.
A bloodcurdling scream to the gods to remind them that you were there.
You may have been nothing but you were there.
You were there through the tragedies,
Each one an anchor, drowning you out at sea,
Each one a pin in your personal road map to hell.
I'm going there anyways so its go big or go home I guess.
So yes, hand me that bottle, I'll snort that stuff too, give me a hit like a familiar punch
in the mouth, like the punch in the paper of a detention slip because, no,
I can't quite pay attention in math class.
Because it's hard to add numbers to the existing list of times you've gone to the
hospital, cried to yourself, or pulled your skin open like a zipper.
I didn't mean to fall asleep, I tried to fall asleep at 10 last night,
But my mind stayed an open bar letting in thieves
to steal away the dreams lined up for me.
I reached for branches but they only broke like promises.
I reached for friends but they turned like hands of time that is running out.
Running like my feet upon the ground.
Nothing hits darkness harder than darkness,
So I rip the hands sewn to my seams an hit as hard as I can
And run until my lungs give up and burn into oblivion.
I run until my legs give out and my brain explodes and I sit on the asphalt,
And listen to the sound the sun makes as it scorches through a thick layer of black
smog, and beams into all the corners of a once smoggy brain
and brings in bits of happiness on bird wings, like messenger pigeons to a prisoner,
Held captive by the guards who were supposed to protect them.
And the sun stings a bit, like stretching when you're cold,
but after a while you lay there and you feel like you used to feel,
A feeling you thought you'd almost forgotten,
like the sky starts an inch from the ground and you're in it,
it doesn't start above your head, YOU are in the sky.
And you could almost fly.
But you keep your feet on the ground, and start running again.
But this time, you are not running away from your worst nightmare,
but running towards your wildest dream. 

 ~ Allegra Calabrigo