Teen Category - 3rd Place Winner

Broken Closeness

the back of my seat is scratching me
through my gaudiest dress
the armrest digging into my elbow
as i scrawl this on my lap

the last time we were friends
you told me about this ballet camp,
how you weren't sure if you wanted to go
but your mum was determined

to send you:
by the time you got home
our friendship had dissipated
and you never got to tell me how it went

now, you twirl
and leap and hold the slender waist
of a ballerina
quiet you, the center of attention

when friends told me
about your budding success i vowed
that when you became principal dancer
i would attend your every show

i guess it was my attempt
to heal a broken closeness
it's become a decade-long sunday-afternoon tradition
to watch you spiral on the stage

- Eva Rodrigues