2015 - Poetry Contest Winners

Congrats to all of the winners and honorable mentions. The winning poems will be published on this site in a few days.  

Pandora's Collective Poetry Contest Winners:

1st place - Publication and $100.00:
Human Fish Praying beside Poker Game – Lisa Rawn, 
(Tete Jaune Cache BC)
2nd place - Publication and $50.00:
september- indian summer - Marilyn Belak, (Dawson Creek, BC)
3rd place - Publication:
Complicated Ledger - Susan McCaslin, (Langley, BC)
Honorable Mentions:
Children at Rest -  John Sibley Williams (Portland, Oregon)
we will still argue - Daniela Elza, (Vancouver, BC)


1st place - Publication and $75.00:
Eagle – Allison Chiang, (Richmond, BC)
2nd place - Publication and $35.00:
Rhythm of Words - Hannah Rahim, (North Vancouver, BC)
3rd place - Publication:
I wonder – Lexie Bargen, (Maple Ridge, BC)
Honorable Mentions:
Brothers of the Same Nation - Hannah Rahim, (North Vancouver, BC)
Forgotten Souls -  Meg Warhurst, (Lilloet, BC)
A Mother’s Love - Donya Ashnaei, (Maple Ridge)
Boundless Empress - Kristyn Lee, (Burnaby, BC)

1st place - Publication and $40.00:
Through My Bedroom Window - Allsion Keogh, (Vancouver, BC)
2nd place - Publication and $20.00:
The Strongest Girl I Ever Knew - Alysha Woodman, (Winnipeg, Man)
3rd place - Publication:
Dirt Biking - Keenan Warhurst, (Lillooet, BC)
Honorable Mentions:
My Snowman - Amelia Samfiru, (Richmond BC.)

And a special thank you to our contest judges....
Judges: Christine Leclerc and Jen Currin

Christine Leclerc
 is a Vancouver-based author and activist. She is the author of Counterfeit (2008) and Oilywood (2013) as well as being an editor of portfolio milieu (2004) and The Enpipe Line: 70,000+ km of poetry written in resistance to the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal (2010). Leclerc is University of British Columbia Creative Writing Program graduate whose poetry, fiction and essays have appeared internationally. She is a Communications Manager by day and has been known to lead community theatre at corporate headquarters and occupy oil rigs at sea

Jen Currin
has published four collections of poetry, most recently The Inquisition Yours, which won the 2010 Audre Lorde Award, and School (Coach House, 2014). She teaches creative writing at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.