Adult Category - 1st Place Winner

Human Fish Praying beside Poker Game

carved the head of a Char
in a natal push
emerging north from the neck hole
of the cloaked figure.

there’s an atomic explosion waiting to happen
at this table!

The Fish:
gulps the dry cold, cannot blink
his slime coat freezes almost instantly
in spite of this
the human is praying through him.

the left side of him is his betting side
three of clubs is the river card
A stone cold bluff!
Morgan will hand over more chips.

The Char:
causes the figure to make children that survive
win a bet with his neighbour
a cross over fish-man
flees from draught; a free fish.

Morgan with one foot out the door!
(moderate hysteria)
A dangerous and accomplished player
Poker lessons from a madman!

thought the fish guts will feed one dog
or maybe bring a seal,
leading to a warm receptive wife
carving, in serpentine stone.

~ Lisa Rawn, (Tete Jaune Cache BC)