Children's Category - 1st Place Winner

Through My Bedroom Window

Through my bedroom window I see the velvet black sky 
      against the frigid white moon. 
As the stars fall in a shower from the heavens above, 
as the crickets sing their songs a-perch the garden wall, 
the morning glories await their wake-up call.

I stand motionless against the shimmering glass 
      which is like a waterfall of liquid silver 
and I await the pinks, oranges and the fiery reds 
      that come with the golden sun
and the birds awake from their slumbers;
they leave their nests and ride the breeze,
      their wings out-stretched.

I open my window to breathe in the raw night air.

And the wind bangs it shut.

Allsion Keogh, (Vancouver, BC)