Children's Category - 3rd Place Winner

Dirt Biking

Waiting butterflies at the starting gate
Waiting for it to drop
Five second flag...
Ready, Set, Go! 

Down the straight stretch,
gliding though the air,
hit the dirt again.
Whoop-de-doos, jumps, burms, slanted corners, table tops and sand
Me, them.
Mud flies over my gear
getting roosted, getting hit, rocks, dirt hitting me

Passed him round a corner!
All trying to reach the flag
Sounds like bees
Smells like exhaust
See the white flag.

One more lap in first
oh no someone trying to pass
I take the inside but he passes.
Not letting any more.
Heart is beating fast,
as my tires hit every bump,
as air hits my face,
as my wheel edges before his.

I pass, seconds left
over the finish line
the checkered flag is down

Congratulating my buddies I go back to the truck!
Another fun day at the races.

Keenan Warhurst, (Lillooet, BC)