Teen Category - 2nd Place Winner


My words tango to

the habanera of sensuality
                        the shining glimmers of goodbye
the waltz of gentility
                                   the polished halls of tradition
the gigue of flair
                       the drums of the fire in the sky
the flamenco of radiance 
                                      the lambent garments of a fine lady
Scattering across the page
drawing our ears towards their sound
                                                                     their sound towards our ears

My words can fill the silence
but the silence also fills my words

A word may hold the key
           to the aria of poetry
only if discovered before its flame diminishes
                                  a melted candle
            wax floating to the ground

My words are white light
           concealing an abundance of color
within its shield of glare
Each word a candle burning blue
                free from dreams of individual letters
as it darts through the pages
            an ant galloping
to the rhythm of my heartbeat
                       my breath
until erased and
into an abyss
          of solitude

Hannah Rahim, (North Vancouver, BC)