Teen Category - 3rd Place Winner

I wonder.

I wonder.
I wonder if he stays up thinking about her.
Laying on top of his covers at night looking at the ceiling or out his window. Wondering. Wondering what it would be like to have her held in his arms.
I wonder if he ever asks himself if he's good enough,
smart enough, deserving enough, because no one seems to ever be to her dad.
I wonder, if he wonders, if she thinks about him too.
If she has sleepless nights wishing she was in his arms.
For him to be there during the thunder storms, to tell her everything will be okay.
I wonder.
I wonder if everything In life, actually works out the way it's supposed to.
Or if it's just what we think is right.
There could be a better path, that you don't know about yet,
before you pick the one you walk down.
But, then again, I guess that's what makes life.
The constant questioning. Wondering.
if you'r ever good enough, smart enough.
Because no one ever is. No one ever will be.
Living the way you are. If this is the way you are supposed to end up.
If the memories made where really supposed to be that way.
If going along with what everyone else wants you to do,
is really what you're destined for.
If you're supposed to do something huge to be remembered by.
If the biggest fear really is oblivion.
One day no one will be to remember the people that made history,
so isn't it inevitable?
It is the moments in your life that make you who you are.
You're shaping every single day.
So who's to say that you are not good enough, smart enough.
Who's to say what you want to do isn't right.
Death is the only thing we should be uncertain of.
I wonder.

Lexie Bargen