Adult Category - 3rd Place Winner

Congrats to Jennifer Knowlan for winning 3rd place in the 2016 Pandora's Collective Annual Poetry Contest.

Schroedinger’s Cat

I always thought it was about philosophy,
but meeting you is like a door opening.
It’s about chemistry, and physics.
Biology doesn’t matter when we’re talking about possibility:
I want to walk forever.
If I am both a wave and a particle,
I feel a desperate urgency.
How can I increase my comfort with uncertainty?
There is no rush.
Our dual nature spreads along the spectrum, splits the atom
again and again. Multicellular, I’m an expert at die-off.
It’s uncertainty that both drives me and owns me.
In the lab, repeating to see if the result is different isn’t insanity,
but thinking you might hold my hand
will keep me occupied for months.

~ Jennifer Knowlan