Children's Category - 1st Place Winner

Congrats to Simran Singh for winning 1st place in the 2016 Pandora's Collective Annual Poetry Contest.

Why drink and drive?

I remember what you told me as parents,
Don't drink and drive it will cause hindrance.

So I got invited to a cool party, friends decided to have gin, vodka, and Bacardi.

But I remembered what you told me as parents,
And I decided to have a plain drink that was just fruity.

My friends offered me other drinks and said I should,
As the party ended some of my friends looked hallucinated,

I said no which felt good.
The other car didn't see me pull out and hit me from behind like a truck full of load.

All I hear everybody say "he is drunk ", call the police and call her home.
I was the only driver dedicated.

I pulled my car out of the driveway into the road,
As I lay unconscious on the road,

Mom and dad I am lying here in a blood pool,
He burst my life just like a balloon.

I can hear the paramedics say "she is going to die soon",
I wish you were here mom to hold, as I lie here I feel very cold.

I wish you guys were here so I can tell you I did as you told I didn't "drink and drive".

It’s not fair I'm going to pay the price for his mistake,
Daddy be brave, I will always be there, hold mommy tight every night when she has nightmares.

He is nobody to decide my fate.
Tell my siblings not to shed a tear,

My body is aching everywhere,
I am fighting for every breath of air.

Before I close my eyes and say my final goodbye,
Just want to know why people drink and drive?

I didn't drink and drive so why am I the one saying goodbye?

~ Simran Singh