Children's Category - 3rd Place Winner

Congrats to Allison Keogh for winning 3rd place in the 2016 Pandora's Collective Annual Poetry Contest.

Evening Music

The cold hard click clack of my evening shoes hitting the concrete was barely
audible over the wailing sirens in the distance.
Raindrops slid off gnarled tree branches in immense spheres,
crystal pearls rolling from their shells.
The rain fell in a drizzle but soon turned to a torrent around me.
The trees stood silhouetted against the evening,
their shadows draped on dewy grass
and mist curled in wisps barely touching the ground.
The street lights splashed auric light on my head, illuminating my smile.
Cars rushed past, blurs of coloured metal and light.
Thunder rolled across the sky like a drum solo,
followed by a flare of lightning.
Then the final symbol crash.
Now only the sound of my shoes remain.
Click clack click clack.

~ Allison Keogh