Teen Category - 1st Place Winner

Congrats to Elizaveta Tchebaniouk for winning 1st place in the 2016 Pandora's Collective Annual Poetry Contest.


An ancient Gingko tree sheds all one
thousand golden leaves
Out of sheer detachment
A protest that simply says I can
eat the cookie and throw away the
Without reading it
It leaves you with a papercut on your
finger, a trace of my footsteps
in the sand
As I Walked forever and a day through the
Devouring stars
which turned out to be my own yonderly
hearts with dream wings
Finally have come to die
Here, and This room is deafening
You are deafening
You are a room
You are many rooms lining a hallway
I breathe you like finding a letter in an
empty envelope
I am home
Home is where the heart is – in this desert
all my hearts glisten
They are made of cold white marble
Won’t melt like ice

Elizaveta Tchebaniouk