Teen Category - 2nd Place Winner

Congrats to Jack Macmillan for winning 2nd place in the 2016 Pandora's Collective Annual Poetry Contest.

The Cost of Winning
(My response to the west’s war with ISIS and the massacre in Paris.)

What will we do when the war is won?
When the rifles stop and the killings done
Will the sun bravely rise on a bright new chapter?
Or burn to darkness and return to disaster?
We must degrade them, they must be defeated
Yet we stand on by with our freedoms depleted
Freedoms we fought for, cried for, died for.
But now it seems evil is begging for more.
We are shocked when they take our lives filled with innocence
But sadly tragedies like Paris are no coincidence.
They hate us for our past, we have only caused trouble
We've separated peoples, turned cities to rumble.
We must know by now that bombs only cause hate
That fuels the dark fire of this very caliphate.
Its our past violence that broke yesterday's unity
Caused nations to divide and turn to radical purity.
We fly in when its easy, when it’s hard we head home
Leaving them broken, homeless, alone.
So what will we do when the war is won?
We better start working, there’s so much to be done.
For if we abandon, the fire will return with an evil intent
And we'll shed more tears for our poor innocent.

~ Jack Macmillan