Feb 2007 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Hibernating with Words poetry contest winners! 

Links to the winning poems are coming soon.

1st place - Publication and $100.00:
Tango ~ Elizabeth Smucker (Goshen, IN)
2nd place - Publication and $50.00:
talking shop ~ Daniela Elza (Vancouver, BC)
Tied for 3rd place - Publication:
Shoes ~ Leila Kulpas (Vancouver, BC)
and if this were a picture ~ Daniela Elza (Vancouver, BC)
Honorable Mentions:
Over ~ Irene Livingston (Vancouver, BC)
White Haired Woman ~ Irene Livingston (Vancouver, BC)
17 socks ~ Emily van Lidth de Jeude (Bowen Island, BC)


1st place - Publication and $75.00:
The Photographer You Loved ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC)
2nd place - Publication and $35.00:
Northern Lights ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC)
3rd place - Publication:
The Night I Dreamed of Kerouac ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC)
Honorable Mentions:
Staggered ~ Joaseph Boutilier (Victoria, BC)
On the Man Who Ran Naked Through the Desert ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC)
Proud Size 13 ~ Bianca Morales (Seldon, NY)

1st place - Publication and $40.00:
My Scranimals ~ Mina Elza (Vancouver, BC)
2nd place - Publication and $20.00:
Imagine ~ Nicolas Houghton (Uxbridge ON)
3rd place - Publication:
My Pet Mountain ~ Mina Elza (Vancouver, BC)
Honorable Mentions:
Under the Tree ~ Xochitl Calero (Florence MA)