Feb 2011 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Hibernating with Words poetry contest winners!
Links to the winning poems are coming soon.

1st place - Publication and $100.00:
"story-tellin' man" ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC )
2nd place - Publication and $50.00:
Going On -- Alone ~ Bernice Lever (Bowen Island, BC )
3rd place - Publication:
"it might be fatal, still" ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC )
Honorable Mentions:
! Can Hear It ~ Jabez W. Churchill (Ukiah, CA)
"so close it could be tasted" ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC )
now ~ Francis Figge (Stoney Creak, ON)
Vancouver in the Spring ~ Irene Livingston (Vancouver, BC)
The Corner ~ Lisa E. Vandrielen (Prince George, BC)


1st place - Publication and $75.00:
Remembering ~ Carly Breault (Nanaimo,BC)
2nd place - Publication and $35.00:
Reminiscence ~ Lucie Neliba (Surrey, BC)
3rd place - Publication:
Fire and Ice (the old cliche) ~ Laura Wise (Staunton,VA)
Honorable Mentions:

Phonetic printer ~ Yuliya Nesterova ( Ottawa, ON)
Before Dark ~ Sophia Smith (Kelowna, BC)
The Nice Girl ~ Cathy Su (Toronto, ON)
You, Winter ~ Laura Wise (Staunton,VA)
The Station ~ Tony Xie (Vancouver, BC)


We regret that there were not enough submissions to judge the children's category. The submissions that we did receive have been forwarded into the next contest (Kisses and Popsicles spring 2011 poety contest).


Mary Duffy and Sita Carboni