1st Place (Teen) - Feb 2012

Life of an Hour

I open the cafe's door,
With a stack of books in my arm.
I sit without any drink,
In a black sofa,
Wait patiently,
Until an ice-cold cup touch my face.
I grin,
Take the green tea frappuccino,
Without looking up.

I sometimes hope
We can walk through Stanley Park at night again.
To watch the twilight and sunrise.
Sometime I wish
You have never left,
As I convince you
How much mom and dad love you
and want you back.

It's too late now,
We always fall into silence after arguments,
Until you whisper, /11 love them, too."
Then I stand up,
Gently kiss you on the cheek,
With a stack of books in my arm
Open the door.
You smile,
As I disappear at the end of the orange skyline.

- Jennie Wu