2nd Place - Feb 2012

accidentally buying a painting in Chinatown

not too many lines on the scroll        but enough
to lead me.              this painting      is like a word

begging to be              rescued.

and I in turn            (an over stimulated viewer)
am released            into     vast        ink strokes
compiling      into mountains               where

I can blaze a path
            with the same ease
I can erase.
                                              from a distance

fine lines guide (  the current      (    of wind    (
or water      (      and those Vs  
`‘ `’   taking off

to the west          from
tiny slanted dashes
          ‘`        suggesting trees.
in such a movement         ‘`        transported
the gyroscope of my imagination                defies
the gravity of a reality        over-burdened with

       Sound        Ads        and        Product.

along such simple lines      fire burns.   becomes
a laconic way of         pinning down      passion.
an appetite for      something             discovered

just under the surface         of a word.     and
like a mole              leaves no tracks behind      but

erupts in         generous
        white           spaces
in the consequence                    of contrasts—

a place
            that Is             and Isn't.

             a place between.

to eschew reality
to let me        (a mere dreamer)  in.

perched on such      
ethereal cliffs      I regain
the confidence
                                 of bird
                                                       of seed.

             I say:              it's a bargain.

- Daniela Elza