June 2011 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Kisses and Popsicles Spring Poetry Contest Winners!


1st place - Publication and $100.00:
This Philosophy ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC )
2nd place - Publication and $50.00:
The Astronomy of Mars ~ Alexis Marie (Port Moody, BC )
3rd place - Publication:
Non-exclusionary ~ Jabez W. Chrchill (Ukiah, CA )
Honorable Mentions:
Me, Again ~ Nicole Buchanan Breit ( Coquitlam, BC)
Photograph of a Boy in the Himalayas ~ Alexis Marie (Port Moody, BC )
Trophy~ Jabez W. Churchill (Ukiah, CA)
Alone in Drumheller ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC )
The Morning After ~ Michelle Barker (Pentiction, BC)
Cold Hard Cash ~ Michelle Barker (Pentiction, BC)


1st place - Publication and $75
Of Conversational Nostalgia ~ Duncan Konings (Delta, BC)
2nd place - Publication and $35.00:
Alone ~ Harley Mainville (South River, ON)
3rd place - Publication
Silence ~ Leanne Louie (Calgary, ALB)
Honorable Mentions:
Ode to Slush ~ Apsara Iyer ( West Layfayette, IN)
Fake Smile ~ Josie Galliot (Whitecourt, ALB)

1st place - Publication and $40.00
The Storm ~ Johanna Viola Loock (Kingston, ON )
2nd place - Publication and $20.00:
When I Close My Eyes ~ Bojing Gui (Winnipeg, MB)
3rd place - Publication
Special Rabbit ~ Stephanie Stramel (Elmhurst, ILL)
Honorable Mentions:
The Ocean ~ Samantha Hill (Vancouver, BC)
Memories ~ Talia Grant (Winnipeg, MB)
Puppies ~ Michael Glover (Port Moody, BC)
Friends ~ Monica Pitonak (Calgary, ALB)
The Middle ~ Angelica Poversky

Robin Susanto and Daniela Elza