2nd Place (Teen) - June 2011


As I sit here looking at the stars, away from the city all the lights, all the cars,

The wind is blowing, it's still snowing,

The sound of trees, some with no leaves,

Relaxes my mind, clear up my thoughts and I start to unwind.

Drift in and out of sleep, a couple hours feels like a week,

If I could, I would sit here forever, see the seasons change cold to hot weather.

January to December, as long as I can remember,

I have felt no inner peace, because I'm still out on the streets.

Not proud of committing crime, too many times,

I felt like I'm cursed, I have so much anger my mind might burst.

I try and talk but remain speechless, judgment might be my biggest weakness.

1 feel like something is holding back, like weights on my shoulders a 1 ton sack.

I'm scared they might not look at me the same, because they don't know me- they only
know my name.

Not my pain, that still remains

Inside me so I had to hide me,

The side that no one knows, been hiding too long now no where to go.

So slowly I'm progressing, always second guessing,

But trynna change, it may be strange,

To my family and homies, so I'll change to get them to know me,

The real me, do ya feel me?

I wanna be a star like the ones I see on TV,

Say I make it somewhere and my mom sees me,

Make her proud saying that's my son, so I'll continue to strive till the race is won.

So I'm still looking at the sky, seeing the world pass me by,

But sometimes I ask myself why, I continue to lie

To this day it remains a mystery, as I'll try and make good history,

And help the people around me, the stars in the sky help found me.

So I stand and start to walk home, now I know I've never been alone.

Harley Mainville