3rd Place - June 2011

Non exclusionary

There are pleasures
for which there is no dispensation,
explicitly forbidden,
that leaves its trace,
pomegranate on white linen,
indelible as stretch marks,
across the skin.
There are pleasures
venially nocturnal,
exponentially enhanced
when committed eyes-wide-open
in full sun.
and non synthetic essences
whose mere memory
the reigning of the senses.
There is nectar,
opium on the honeysuckle
in the temple garden,.
dew drops
shining before first light
bright upon your skin.
There are memories
that do not fade,
indicia of passion,
creases and broken capillaries,
that can never be erased,
pleasures that will ever bind,
forever free the soul.

Jabez W. Chrchill