1st Place (Teen) - June 2012

Postcard Poem

there's a world under this quilt, I
promise you
(I can't believe I'm writing
again) tea cups mottled
with the strained lamplight and
wavering flashlights and sheets rise
and fall and I've spilled tomato sauce
on my wrist (I can't believe how
my body betrays me) sometimes
I drop words off the page, so
the bottoms of my feet are slightly
ink-stained, and
when my cat tries to find me she
prowls around the rolling canvas like a
boat like a
bicycle and she circles once, mewing
and leaves- underneath
here I am both cathedral and
apartment complex, all
fountain and sooty subway
tunnel (I can't believe I've lost my
heart) I pen sudokus on my arm and make
chandeliers from old bubblegum-
I shan't emerge. if you leave me,
leave a note. if you're mailing
me, be sure to add the correct amount of

~ Chloe Burns