2nd Place (Teen) - June 2012


We were colorless. No, we were beyond coloration.
We were beside ourselves, Colorless.
I thought we could make it, I really did.
Get in the car and just keep on driving. Never look back.
No more regrets.

We can make it, I thought, I can survive
And it would begin again, we could start a new life
We could begin again, trying the something new
The road ahead unseen, winding beyond the next curve
With speed and assurance. Did I say we were colorless?

The lightning took over and revealed the night
The night sky -amazing -rocks and trees.
I didn't think too much, but we were colorless.
Colorless still-oh, colorless beyond description.

I can make it, I thought. I can survive
I thought I would make it, I really did
Never look back, no more regrets.
We were colorless. At wit's end. Beside ourselves.
The night sky -amazing, beyond description

We could begin again. Something new.
The night sky -amazing. Never look back.
Did I say desperate to try something new?
A new life? The road ahead unseen, winding beyond
I didn't think too much -just kept on driving.

~ Yasmin Mostafa