Oct 2011 Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2011 Summer Dream Poetry Contest winners!


1st place - Publication and $100.00:
"i have returned from peru a changed soul" ~Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC )
2nd place - Publication and $50.00:
"in the shape of hummingbirds" ~ Chelsea Comeau (Burnaby, BC )
3rd place - Publication:
Datelines ~ Christopher Levenson (Vancouver, BC )
Honorable Mentions:
Three Ways of Looking At The Man Who Stepped Off The Platform Onto The Tracks ~ Nicole Breit (Coquitlam, BC)
Step into the Sky ~ Harvey Jenkins (Nanaimo, BC)
My Old Fleece ~ Harvey Jenkins (Nanaimo, BC)
At Sea ~ Christopher Levenson (Vancouver, BC )

We regret that there were not enough submissions to judge the teens category. The submissions that we did receive have been forwarded into the next contest.

1st place - Publication and $40.00:
My Twin Brothers ~ Piper Warhurst (Lillouet, BC)
2nd place - Publication and $20.00:
The Harp ~ Meg Warhurst (Lillouet, BC)
3rd place - Publication:
Cherry Blossoms ~Tessa Warhurst (Lillouet, BC)Honorable Mentions:
Honorable Mentions:
Rose ~ Shazia'Ayn Babul ( North Vancouver,BC )
Homelessness ~ Azlen Elza (Vancouver, BC)
"All These Different Poets" ~ Angelica Poversky (Richmond,BC )


Mary Duffy and Sita Carboni