Oct 2012 - Contest Winners

Congratulations to the 2012 Summer Dream Poetry Contest Winners!
The winning poems will be published shortly.

1st place - Publication and $100.00: 
"an adolescent winter" ~  Chelsea Comeau, (Burnaby, BC) 
2nd place - Publication and $50.00: 
Rose hip ~ Lesley-Anne Evans 
(Kelowna, BC)
3rd place - Publication: 
"rocky mountain requiem" ~  
Chelsea Comeau, (Burnaby, BC)  
Honorable Mentions:
Streetwalkin' ~ Jen Andersen (Vancouver, BC)
Earning the Day ~ 
 Lynn Burnett (West Vancouver, BC)
Ladies' Night Out ~  Lynn Burnett (West Vancouver, BC)
The Precise Colour of Orange ~  Lesley-Anne Evans (Kelowna, BC) 
Lost and found ~  Darja Milidragovic (Vancouver, BC)

1st place - Publication and $75:
ten miles south and six feet under ~ Janice Lee 
(Toronto, Ont) 
2nd place - Publication and $35.00: 
The Most Effective Lullaby ~  Megan Boothby (Peterborough, Ont) 
Tied for 3rd place - Publication:
Blue Sky Lurches ~  Janice Lee (Toronto, Ont) 

The Kissing GateJanice Lee (Toronto, Ont) 
Honorable Mentions: 
A Daydream ~  Alexandra Alvares (Ottawa Ont.)
 I'll only marry a poet ~  Carly Breault (Vancouver, BC) 


The children's poetry submissions that we received have been forwarded into the next contest as we did not receive enough entries to judge the children's category at this time.

Judges: Mary Duffy and Sita Carboni

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