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Pandora's Collective believes in both local and global outreach.
- Our local outreach includes our outreach workshops (Read More) and our community events (Read More).
- Our global outreach has included the following activities...


Pandora’s Collective in association with Connie Linder of Insight Creative Communications  gathered books and school supplies to send to Zimbabwe. This included the following...

1) Find a book and pass it on

2) Fill a backpack with things a child would want and need for the first day of school.

3) Sponsor a child. $75 will pay for school enrolment and supplies for an entire year.

Doug Ante who works for Rotary International was the coordinator of the shipment and made sure everything was distributed at the other end.

Doug also collects medical supplies for Zimbabwe. If you can be of help in any capacity please let us know.

For more information contact Bonnie Nish at blnish@pandorascollective.com

Press Release:

On Sunday April 23, 2006 the Vancouver Public Library donated 825 boxes of books (they estimate that to be 33,000 books!!!) to Zimbabwe via Pandora's Collective. Connie Linder of Insight Creative Communications and Doug Ante of Rotary International are the founders of an on-going cause to help build  literacy in Zimbabwe. We are proud to be able to help them on this very important mission via our Zimbabwe book drive.


We want to give a very special thanks to our volunteers for all their brawn and careful packing - Phyllis Bassett, Danielle Brandon, Catherine Cooper, Ali Denno, Becca Denno, Mary Duffy, Trina Ferguson, Derek Johnson,  Mary Konkin, Kunjdial, Cherie Laurent, Rowan Lipkovits, James McCann, Jim McKnight, Paul McNeill, Brian Nelson, Leanne Padgett, Kaya Revorti, Aliz Revorzi, Eryn Revorzi, Loretta Revorzi, Steve Samis, Lorraine Strand, Tierney Wisnienski, Mike Wong and Buddy Young.


And a special thank you to the staff at VPL who really made this happen; Janice Douglas who never gave up on this idea, Pauline Manton for all her great help through out and Ed McNeilly for everything he did.


We want to thank John Bandstra of Bandstra Trucking for not only donating his truck and men but having them make three trips to accommodate all the books and for storing them all until they can get to the warehouse in Abbotsford until August or off in a container sooner. We also want to thank Frank Karsmaker of the Mennonite Community who not only agreed to store all these books but moved things around so they could take them now. And I have to give a special Thanks to Albert Wongwho spent two hours of his time on Sunday sweating up a storm to get those books loaded on pallets and shrink wrapped. Albert you rock!!! 


And finally Lorraine Strand we couldn’t have done this without you!!! You deserve a standing ovation!!!! You organized the trunk, storage and driver!!! You are an amazing person!!! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!


~ Bonnie Nish and Sita Carboni.