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2012 Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2012 Youth Scholarship recipient Dedie Kanda.


Kanda. Dedie Kanda.
He dreams, he sings, he writes.
When the stories do come to form under his fingertips, they come laced with either a touch of fancy or a dash of radically unorthodox literary styles more concentrated than necessary. Everything in moderation, his modesty inclusive, these stories are insights into beginning. A genesis of sorts. Let no one piece seem as though an end, for each sparks for a new light and freedom.
We, as the Merchants of Verses, are responsible for the written archives of our humanity. Thus, we shall begin.
He awakens, he moulds harmony, he plays with space and time.
Dedie. Kanda Dedie.


1. Slant and Wet
The lightning shattered my vision, my world, and myself.
The storm stole my thunder.
The rain washed my anger.
The wind flew my sails.
The fear crushed and plundered.
The little boy, however, never stopped to wonder.
The day, it went on, as always, as ever.

2. Gravity
Shield us from the dangers, come steer us aside.
Till dusk come dawn and we take off, take more than we need, 
or take a moment to hold this moment we're in.
Suspended, as though falling.
Happy, as though flying.
Eternal, as though free.

3. Brimstone
As though alive. As if breathing.
Callous and cruelly stalking towards us.
As we lay in our final hours, it comes and walks and breathes.
As if we were not afraid. Not fearful of the chasm.
Yet the fall has not ended.
When at last we die, it shall save us from death.
Then, it will kill us again.

4. Death is Welcome
Judging in earnest, to be farther, faster, fallen.
Deep inside this disguise is a cosmos burning.
Of the lines, not one coexists.
To the stars, no two twinkle alight.
By the horror, we see our own fears.
As afraid as we all are, these demons will never leave.
So bit it a tale.
So seen from afar.