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2013 Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2013 Youth Scholarship recipient Paul Schultes.


Paul Schultes
was born on January 24th, 1999 in Burnaby; however, he's lived most of his life in “quaint” Ladner. He goes to Eric Hamber Secondary and is in Grade 8. Paul writes mostly poetry, but he's also into music and photography. He's an insomniac, loves nature, and his favourite poet is Robert Frost.


Closing doors and scribbling pens And it's long past midnight, wind blown Hair and bloodshot eyes, bloodstained heart Pumping time, pain on every start My life is viewed through a dirty lens The clock ticks away the ones and tens Each pulse a milestone Electrons fire deep into the night My heart is a bird that's already flown And far away my deadlines race Evidence I'll never face My pulse is unlocked, I know I'm right My hopes and fears go bump in the night Each breath a milestone


1. Lessons we've learned from our friends Rarely stay with us long; The best lessons are the ones we teach ourselves Through pain and stupidity. 2. A café. I walk in, money in hand, Order coffee. Souls float by, sitting at the tables. 7AM, the time when the day begins, and A bleary-eyed feel in the air. Nobody speaks, we're all too tired, Even though we've just woken up. The alarm clocks destroy our Souls. What a pity. 3. Can you hear the sound silence makes? It's a low hum, a murmur, Pitch-shifted tinnitus. Souls. They are white, and buzz fragily, vibrating with fatigue. A permanent fugue state. They exhale constantly. Sighs, sospiri, that's all we ever hear.

And the Globe Will Shatter

One move, one word, and the globe will shatter Exploding outward into light This deadly game Don't you know what you're playing with? In this game, we don't congratulate each other on our plays We mock them We undo them We cheat, we lie We kill Oh, in this game We will destroy the world This game of bluffs and lies and discarded rules All it takes is the push of a red button All it takes is one move One word And the world will be shattered Forever


Running like quicksilver, bright in the sky, Jumping like jacks with a gunpowder light. Breathing in colours, meadows of fire; And laugh like a clown as the rockets take flight! Amazing and hellish, explosions of light - And quickly we launch them, they plow through the skies! Heated fire demons that blow on south winds, And contrails of laughter that tell only lies. Dream in the night, and don't be surprised If spectres of nowhere scream into a star While delicate crackling sparklers bloom - They're stars in the sky, on high, from on far. Never fear fire, we're dreamers like you; So wait until midnight, and ready your sight, And think of tomorrows to never occur, As wondrous fireworks burst through the night!

Human Costs

Cells we divide now divide our masses One becomes two, God help us. Don't you dare question what Science has deemed is good for us - Things never were this complicated before. The human costs of cloning, they claim, Are morally repellant. Slogans yelled, Placards raised against a sinful enemy One we will never fully understand, nor Hope to, they claim. Pitiful. Shameful. Absorb our eyes, skin, the feel Of rain, sensations, broken, absurd. We comment, socially, societally, upon The biology of our technology, but never Do we consider what we ourselves say. Lost upon our nameless sea of guilt, Pentagrams repeated 'cross our skies, burned Into our retinas, our genetic code; Our hearts beat poisonous cells though Our arteries, corroding our morals.