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Pacifica Poets

Pacific Poets is comprised of individuals attending the Pacifica Treatment Centre program.

Below you will find a collection of poetry, on the theme of "journey" that each new group of participants writes together at the beginning of the two-hour poetry workshop led by Pandora's Collective. After the group poem is complete, participants write their own poems on several different topics, based on their personal experiences and thoughts. Here are some of the group poems written over the last few years.

Journey Poems:

As I embark on this journey
I search for serenity
I walk along the narrow road past the waterfall
in the rainbow
I meet people, friends and family
I seek serenity as the seasons change
I’m feeling happy and healthy
I yearn for incredible sobriety
I’m looking for my place to go
a road of excitement
don’t stop believing.

I awoke to the sun shining
I am becoming aware
of the journey ahead of me

my scooter is warmed up
but my tire’s flat
space, freedom, helmet
flying cruiseship rollercoaster

don’t need a voyage to the past
don’t need a plastic bedsheet either
nor two plastic pillows

things are looking up
to a bright freedom ahead
turbulent bungee jumping kangaroo
the future is unfamiliar

A journey through my life
a walk along the beach
an exciting trip or journey
my baby steps lead to strife
my angel wings around me
for the rest of my life
Finding words of adventure
a thousand miles to forgiveness
divine intervention
brings with it a sense of peace
great mystery and challenges
I dream with my head in the clouds
the waves crash around me
a journey of challenging companionship
without Steve Perry

“Don’t stop believing”
I am the protoplasm of the roving planets
I am the alpha and the omega
I have walked miles and miles
Journey through the British Isles
Emotional and spiritual
from Mexico to Vegas
I am the calling of your destination
This is my journey
A place of serenity
Let the seed, planted in death, now sprout toward the sun
The Vegas lights are injuring my eyes

And after all those miles
I was back home
from hatred to love
back and forth
like a crow to a dove
This is my trip to enlightenment
I have taken my first step
of a thousand miles
A holy cancer’s growth
My process to discovery
Afraid and eager to what I’m going to find
This is my time -- starts now.

Our journey is a pilgrimage to a certain destination

We started out from a place of isolation
Trips in our mind led us into fascination
Exhausted by our treacherous voyage
Here we stand on solid ground
Not a boat looking for peaceful moorage
Step by step though grueling it be
I come to face reality
On the journey to recovery

Dreams and wishes to liberate the true me
I wanted to find my spirituality

As I travel the road to the soul of my kingdom

I will have freedom from myself

And I will continue to walk the yellow brick road
to the sunshine

Breathing gives me peace, freedom and liberation

Ever searching for the smile of the rainbow

My wishes and dreams lead to love

I’m gonna make a change for once in my life

The monkey rode the unicorn into the universe

“Recovery is a journey not a destination”

From hell to heaven
The wizard felt his sobriety
lost in the desert with no direction

Today I find my map and compass
Jump on my horse
To the pathway to health
In the mystic rainforest
I find a rainbow
that leads me to the desert
to the edge
on a mystical psychic pilgrimage.
Our horses are sick; their knees buckle.
I fall into quicksand
Unpredictable clouds from my backpack
Seems like a treasure hunt.

Wake up call!
The clock is ticking
The horizon runs ahead
My footprints run from death to
pregnancy and birth
I head to my doctor’s appointment
And see soldiers all around me.
I am not alone.

It started slowly
the moon had descended into blackness
the path was lonely
dreams were distant
the challenge had begun.

The adventure was unknown
there are bumps on the beach
and I am so alone.

New sites are the stars
I hear laughter in the distance
The hum of planes far away
All the sounds linger from the waves
And the crashing of the water brings me peace.

my music is navigating my choices
“a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”
as I sail in the dark waters through the night
stepping through the box of the ocean
myself expressed through mystical dreams
I wonder
the path of nature carries nothing but hopes through life
step by step above the clouds
and I see a light coming
it’s not too distant and it’s not too close

I once dreamt I was on a journey
I had a mid-life crisis at the age of 30
Here I sit all broken-hearted
Faith and wonder, love and tears
Brought us all to Pacifica here
Fear knocking, Faith answered, no one was there.
Letting go and letting God
We’re in the clear so let’s celebrate now
that we’re here
Let go of your pain
Let go of your pain and you’ll surely abstain
Empowered by my faith and glory
The age of 30 is a new journey.

The journey, the trip, the road ahead

to a spiritual journey

without a destination

I found a place in darkness

I got lost along the way

All I found was death

           but there was a light

As I was looking at my addiction

I stubbed my toe

And I heard faint music

And I fell into the ocean

of hope

of misery

I felt I had a lot of crazy feelings

The light ahead seemed so distant and unattainable

Yet I knew it was there so I

          reached out and swam to the top

Took one step onto the sand

And found my soul

The shores of a new beginning

Wherever you may go, where you may be
May the road ahead set you free
Next rest stop, I got take a pee
On the journey to somewhere, not exactly quite sure
Wherever I end up, let it be
And then I got stung by a bee
Live love laugh listen and learn
May the tools I have be ready at hand
To boldly go where few’ve gone before
To use my resources for a soft landing