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Writers in the Making

Writers in the Making is a dynamic, talented group of young writers from Eric Hamber Secondary School who meet once a week after school for a Pandora's Collective Writing Workshop facilitated by Bonnie Nish and hosted by Teacher Librarian Joan Muir. The group began in September 2008 and continues to flourish. We are pleased to publish a selection of their writing on this site. Please click on the names below to view the selected poems and short stories.

Aman, Brillian, Emily, Gavin, Hannah, Oliver
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"Each of them has grown and flourished since we began. I can see how they are all developing their own voice. They are passionate, talented and it has been an honour to work with them." ~ Bonnie Nish Executive Director Pandora's Collective.

An addition to this page is a poem written by students at Southlands Elementary School in Ms. Roy grade three class.
The pig and me
ran to see
the earth turning
as fast as a cheetah.
They saw a light bulb 
in the sky and the earth burped.
The pig and me flew
to the zoo
where we saw the karate goat
fly out of it's box
kick the can and lnad
on the camel's back.
The pig and me ran to see
the galexy, the eagle and the kangaroo
as they fell in the alligator's mouth,
and then they started to shout
sper dog came to the resuce
and the monkey landed on Saturn. 
The pig and me went tos ee
the horse at school
where WWI was happening 
when the giraffe and woodpecker
ate Miss Nemeth's lunch.
The pig an me 
went to see the clock
and it was time for bed
and all the animals lay down together
and burped.